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The Paul Luke Band


about4Paul and PJ began performing duets together throughout the Hudson Valley in 1978-79′. Then the PLB founding members, Chris Schneider, PJ, Paul Luke, along with Rick Redder and Gary Voerg officially started the PLB in 1979.  Some members left and others performed along with PJ and Paul including Ed Rice, Frank Popalardo, long standing lead guitarist Mario Yzquierdo and harmonica Smokin Joe Abdullah (both passed away in the last seven years).  Along the way Chris Schneider’s cousin, Brian Shiloh on guitar and Cindy Gold on flute also performed with the group as did Jimmy Eppard.  Chris Rooney, who has played on and off with the PLB for over 20 years is still with the band on keyboards today.

about1We’ve had several managers, Art and Marie Crawford, Ned Duffy. Special thanks to Owen and Lucy Swenson (and Erin on graphics) (Owen at the mixing boards during our performance at Woodstock 94′) from the Turning Mill in Palenville. Also to Debbie Grazynski for negotiating a contract with the promoters of Woodstock 94′ and essentially being the driving force behind getting us to perform there.  To our current sound and recording engineer Carl Peters.  There were many roadies who worked tirelessly and with little pay, Al Bell, Bobby Bonomo, Bill Legg, Steven Bennett, Billy Ferraro and others…..


Current line (approx. start dates):
Paul Luke – wholesale jerseys guitar, songwriter, vocals – founding member 1978-79′
PJ McManamon – drums, vocals – founding member 1978-79′
Chris Rooney – keyboards – 20 year veteran member
Larry Andreassen – bass – (Paul’s brother) 2012
John Chanler – lead guitar – 2012
Jamie Flynn – lead guitar, vocals – 2012
Ian Flannigan – acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter – 2012
Carl Peters – Sound engineer – 2013

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